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The promotion of bilateral relationship between Vietnam and Canada- a country of stably strong economic potentiality- will bring about many advantages to Vietnam during period of the nation development. Canadian government has also provided many policies to support Vietnamese government and people.

History of Vietnam-Canada diplomacy

Vietnam built up diplomatic relationship with Canada in 1973. Canadian Embassy was established in Hanoi capital in 1994 and Canadian Consulate General is in Ho Chi Minh City from year 1997. In Canada,  Vietnamese Embassy is set up in Ottawa, the capital of Canada.

The bilateral relationship between Vietnam- Canada has been maintained effectively during the past 40 years in many fields, especially the increasing trade and investment. Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) has defined Vietnam as one of 20 countries which need support concentration.

During the diplomacy history, national leaders of the two countries have paid many working visits to each other, such as:

- Year 2005: Vietnam Prime Minister visited Canada for the first time.

- Year 2006: Prime Minister Harper had a working visit to Hanoi on occasion of APEC Summit.

- Year 2009: Ex- Deputy Prime Minister concurrently Minister of Foreign Affairs Pham Gia Khiem had an official working visit to Canada.

- In June -2010: Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung visited Canada when he was participating in G20 Conference in Toronto.

- In July-2010: Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Lawrence Canon took part in Conference of Ministers in Hanoi.

- Year 2011: Canada Governor-general David Johnston visited Vietnam in his state-level working tour to Southeast Asia.

- Year 2013: Several visits to Vietnam were made by: Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird (March-2013), Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Morris Rosenberg (June-2013), Minister of Agriculture visited and announced the 7,4 million USD project to support Vietnam (November-2013), group of friendly parliamentarians of Canada - Viet Nam (September-2013).

- Year 2014: Major event was the visit to Canada of delegation led by Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs Pham Binh Minh. Especially, in Canada, there was a community of 180.000 Canadian of Vietnamese-origin working actively. Some trading, culture and charity delegations were organized to Vietnam with participants from community of Canadian of Vietnamese origin. This community also has active performance.  

Support of Canada to Vietnam

In field of education: In 2006, about 2000 students learned in Canada and the figure increased to 3000 in 2007, which proves the number of study permits is multiplied over previous years. All Vietnamese citizens are entitled to take part in French language block scholarship managed by CIDA. 

In field of support for development: Between 1990 and 2012, through CIDA, Canada provided Vietnam with over 770 million USD to innovate Vietnam economy and eliminate poverty.

Especially, CIDA focuses on supporting economic development of Vietnam’s rural areas, to enhance production and agriculture yield, improve planting and harvesting techniques, update modern technical advances to improve skill, knowledge of farmers on product yield and food hygiene...

Additionally, CIDA also pushes up programs to consolidate and develop small and medium sized enterprises in rural areas.

In terms of trading: Two-way turnover between Vietnam and Canada in 2007 is 525,5 million USD and then surges to 1,46 billion USD by year 2011, which is a nearly 300% increase within only 4 years. This impressive figure is the result of policies and agreements signed bilaterally by the two countries.

With the sustainable and continuously consolidated bilateral relationship over the years, trading between Vietnam and Canada will certainly gain considerable achievements. In order to make use of chances made by government of the two countries, enterprises must focus on building their own trademark to penetrate into the partner’s market. Especially, this is the golden chance for Vietnamese enterprises to develop and fairly compete in International trading environment.

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